8 March 2018

Buoninfante, sweet (and Italian) dreams in the world

We write Buoninfante, but we read Made in Italy. There’s no better synthesis than this to introduce the mattresses-producing company in the province of Salerno, […]
7 March 2018

Mobilturi gets bigger with a national ad campaign

Mobilturi starts its brand awareness in Italy where it faces the leading kitchen players through a generalist integrated advertising. This completely Made in Italy brand […]
12 February 2018

Italian furniture export aims to emerging countries

Mature markets (EU, USA, Israel, Oceania and Far East, excluding China) are in steady state, there’s room in China and India and excellent prospects for […]
26 January 2018

Portugal: Italian furniture between wish and reality

Dreams are wishes, but also trend indicators. Relationship between Portuguese consumers and the purchase of furniture can be mentioned as an example: on the one […]
24 January 2018

Furniture, France says: Italy mon amour

It’s the first Italian furniture importer and it will be the same for very long time. France loves Italian furniture style enough to overtake Germany […]