20 November 2017

Furniture and design, China-USA axis unfolds

Everything started at CIFF (China International Furniture Fair), one of the greatest furniture fair in the world, where the most important American and Chinese producers […]
15 November 2017

Italian Trade Agency, export course for Italian companies

Fair balance between productive capacity and placement of a foreign market can’t be done without a proper organization and knowledge. It’s the reason why Italian […]
13 November 2017

Sofas, WineLeather for eco-upholstery

Real and regenerated leather. Two different upholsteries, two prices levels, but undifferentiated in the eyes (and awareness) of consumers. A recent survey concerning sofas of Impact […]
10 November 2017

Juliette’s Interiors, an Italian luxury in bitcoin

Recently, a prestigious and “alternative” furniture showroom in London is newsworthy. We are talking about Juliette’s Interiors, a luxury temple for final customers and Contract […]
8 November 2017

Wayfair brings furniture into houses with AR technology

3,4-billion-dollars colossus in 2016, with establishments in Canada, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom and in the Usa, where it was founded. Wayfair’s ID is clear: 15 […]