30 October 2017

Sofas, 2018 will be dominated by pastel velvet

In 2016 Rose quartz – Serenity combination was particularly fashionable with its well-being, cosiness and balance. In 2017 Greenery has triumphed with its regenerative freshness […]
27 October 2017

Italian furniture in Turkey: kitchen is the future

Destination: 2023. It’s not the title of a science-fiction novel, but the time-limit established by the Turkish government. It aims to achieve several development objectives […]
12 October 2017

NetCucine kitchens, expert in Contract

Residential buildings (large housing estates), tourism (hotels, residences, resorts), transports (airports, train stations, ports), commerce (stores, restaurants, shopping centers), cultural centers, business centers, yachting. These […]
11 October 2017

Italian furniture in Russia: future is in the mid-market

People say that Italy in Russia means food, fashion and furniture.  In terms of furniture, confirmation arrives from a Report 2016 of GruppoBPC International (an […]
9 October 2017

Novaluna, Italian design for Oriental nights

Lebanese sky announces Orient, even at night. Maybe that’s why the country’s ancient capital, Deyr el-Qamar (literally “Monastery of the Moon”) has in the name […]