Handled brands

T he Torchetti kitchens, Italialiving sofas, Novaluna beds, garden furniture of the Eurofar Dutch group, the furniture of Canadian brand Sunpan and Buoninfante mattresses. There is a lot of southern Italy expertise in Gabriele Magliola's offer also in order to emphasize the vocation to export that old and new southern furniture districts have, the way they are able to overcome the internal competition of commercial brands thanks to the great ability to establish themselves on more recently developed international markets. It is no coincidence that the city of Bari is ranked fifth in Italy as starting hub for Italian design (Milan, Camera di Commercio, Promos survey 2016).

That of GM, in this sense, is a selection of excellence, product, process and service. The selected companies are open to new product development guidance from buyers and they take into consideration innovative management systems, including all what refers to logistics, order processing (even in heterogeneous lots) and timing of deliveries. With ample reserved spaces for negotiation and flexibility in handling of orders.

A common feature of the selected companies is the attention to the environment and to the safety, which is revealed not only in the environmental management certifications and in the green characterization of some of them, but also in the product itself, which is no toxic product and has no harmful emissions.