Italia Living grows with a new brand identity

A turnover halfway between Italy and foreign countries, with an ecumenical mission: to produce design available to everyone. Italia Living is a young upholstery company located in the Southern Italian region of Puglia and it gained interesting market shares – in Italy and abroad- in just ten years thanks to a diversified commercial politics with four different brands.

As well as in its homeland, the competitive approach of the company bore fruit in United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, France and Lebanon. Especially in this latter country, Italia Living is a leader thanks also to the contribution of Gabriele Magliola who has introduced this company in his portfolio five years ago and then he has experienced its rapid growth.

Today Italia Living sends a strong signal of maturity repositioning itself with a more conscious brand identity taking charge of a more clearly defined value horizons and few compromises. This results in a new image where products are valid for what they represent and not only for what they are. Following previous goals, sofas, sofa-beds, sectionals, armchairs, recliners and ottomans become “a sign of the time, beyond time” in addition to their material qualities and intangible values: Italian tradition, creativity, craftsmanship, sustainability.

Past brands are put aside and now Italia Living points to the main brand with its new sinuous lines and efficient payoff linked to the Italian spirit: Italian Feelings.

From this evocative universe, material components of products are strengthened. Functionality, colors, ergonomics, leathers, wood and metal frames relate to inspired design, hand-finished details, sustainable processes and materials, concept and Made in Italy craftsmanship.

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